Shipping cargo from Viet Nam to USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore...


Add: 39 (FL 3A) Hai Ba Trung, Ward Ben Nghe, Dist. 1, TP. HCMMob: (+84) 938 696 121
Fax: (84 8) 38 248 235

Add: 24/F Tower 101 Lang Ha str., Dong Da Dist., HANOI, VIETNAM

Scope of Activities:

- Shipping cargo from Viet Nam to USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore...
- Sending a package from Viet Nam to USA, Australia, Canada, UK, 
- Shipping a package from Viet Nam to USA, Australia, Canada, UK,
- Sending a parcel from Viet Nam to USA, Australia, Canada, UK,
- Shipping from Viet Nam
- Ship cargo from Viet Nam
- Moving cargo from Viet Nam
- Transport cargo from Viet Nam

- Shipping company in Ho Chi Minh city/ Viet Nam
- Seafreight/Airfreight Worldwide Forwarder, Worldwide shipping
- Shipping cargo from Viet nam to USA, Australia, Canada
- The best shipping company in Viet Nam
- Groupage Container Consolidator( LCL shipping)
- Warehousing and Distribution
- Packing Services for all kind of cargo
- Customs Clearance.
- Door to Door Delivery

- Project Cargoes Handling
- Inland Haulage
- Insurance
- Local trucking

From the very beginning, HA THIEN GALAXY EXPRESS CO.,LTD has focused its business mainly on the USA, EU, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong . Presently, we are expanding our business to cover the Middle East, Africa, New Zealand, the Philippines, Myanmar, Africa and the rest of Asia
Our company is comprised of highly professional and committed personnel. We take great pride in providing high quality services and try to meet our customers' needs with innovative and convincing products. Our portfolio includes Ocean and Air Forwarding, Warehousing, and worldwide representatives. We currently have a representatives and Agent Networks to cover all ports and countries over the worlds.
In today's competitive marketplace, freight forwarding is no place to take risks. You need a reliable forwarder whose efficiency is supported by experience, business contacts, and dedication. 
HA THIEN GALAXY EXPRESS CO.,LTD  is the name that guarantees you all these qualities. More importantly, we're more committed than ever to providing our customers with dependable, high quality services for the best price.
With HA THIEN GALAXY EXPRESS CO.,LTD  . We value the trust and mutual respect of our customers and believe in turning them into long lasting partners. Each and every member of the HA THIEN GALAXY EXPRESS CO.,LTD  team - from management down - is committed to total customer service. We equate quality with punctuality, safety, reliability and innovative flair. Everyday, we deliver quality service with every shipment we handle.
HA THIEN  most valuable assets have always been our employees, their knowledge and their determination to deliver excellent customer service at all times. Our employees combine a customer-first attitude, high motivation and expertise with state of the art information technology to provide services that yield added value for customers.
As we continue to consolidate our market share among existing customers and work to increase our presence in new markets, 
HA THIEN GALAXY EXPRESS CO.,LTD  intends to bring our extensive know-how to bear. Our customers will benefit from our expertise in this fast-growing overseas market.
HA THIEN provides complete ocean freight forwarding services:
Full-Container Load (FCL)
    Dry Container
    Open Top Container
    Flat Rack Container
    Refrigerated Container
    Garment Container Less
    Than-Container Load (LCL).
Utilizing high productivity carriers in all trade lanes between ports throughout the world, HA THIEN can handle your shipment from port-to-port or door-to-door on a single Bill of Lading.
Air Freight
For time-critical shipments,
HA THIEN GALAXY EXPRESS CO.,LTD  offers full air freight forwarding services.Through our extensive network of service partners and agents worldwide, we provide efficient and rapid movement to achieve the fastest possible delivery for travel-sensitive, high-value or highly perishable goods.
Utilizing major commercial air freight and passenger carriers, we provide for the timely shipment of air cargo to and from all commercial airports around the globe. Whenever appropriate, the company will maintain reserve cargo space on selected flights to ensure availability and to meet your cargo transit requirements.
Project Cargoes Handling
The combination of our flexible loading capabilities and large volume means faster transit times and lower cost to our shippers.
Inland Haulage
HA THIEN GALAXY EXPRESS CO.,LTD  can satisfy your freight collection and delivery requirements by offering a professional land haulage service to the customers. To cope with our customers' different requirements, trucks of HA THIEN . come in all sizes, including heavy-duty trailer-hauling tractors, 1 tons to 10 tons lorries. Apart from safe and reliable picky-up and delivery of cargoes, we also offer a full range of land transportation services around Vietnam including customs clearance; pick-up/delivery service and arrangement for loading/unloading of cargoes.
Consolidation Service

HA THIEN supply a consolidation service in HoChiMinh City. Less-than-container load (LCL) or less-than-truck load (LTL) freight can be handled from any point in Vietnam to the final destination. Our consolidation specialists will handle your cargo with the care and attention it requires. As a result of the large volume of cargo moving through our consolidation system, we can assure weekly sailings from every consolidation point we serve in the Vietnam.
- Shipping Agent
- Forwarding Agent:
- Handling all Shipment to/from Vietnam and vice-versa.
- Protection of Freight charge, C.O.D and disbursements when required, with timely remittance.
- Guaranteed quick communication response on Sales, Shipment status and P.O.D information.Total Confidentiality and neutrality guaranteed.
  - Insurance for import, export cargo.




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